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We offer a complete package of advisory services based on global experience and lessons learned that will help you:

  • manage the complexity
  • avoid the pitfalls of others
  • reduce costs
  • accelerate design through to delivery, and
  • achieve full compliance with Article 110.

Our hands-on experience from leading for the Australian Government the design-to-deployment of a comparable successful project makes us your first choice as a delivery partner.  

Company policies – We are not aligned with any ICT suppliers, which means our advice can be trusted to be independent and evidence-based.

Executive profile – Our Managing Director, Michael Hallowes, is the former Emergency Services Commissioner for the state of Victoria, and National Director of Australia’s “Emergency Alert Program” (2011 to 2015).  He led the pioneering government-industry team who designed and implemented the country’s equivalent “Reverse 1-1-2”, known as the “Emergency Alert Location Based (SMS) Solution".  

Achievements - Delivering the "Location Based (SMS) Solution" as a potential world-first demonstrates our proven successful project leadership in a complex operational and technical environment.  The outcome is a highly effective public alerting capability that, today, through the world's leading PWS suppliers is:

  • Available almost off-the-shelf to fit every network without additional infrastructure, and
  • Accessible to and reaches the vast majority of people with any type of mobile telephone everywhere they connect to a network – Reaching everyone, everywhere.  

Since its introduction in 2012, emergency services across Australia have trusted the system:

  • in more than 1,400 localised and wide-area emergencies
  • to send in excess of 14 million alerts.  

“Emergency Alert” has a proven reliability, with an overall success rate of reaching 97% of all types of mobile phone on the 2G, 3G and 4G networks (and will achieve even more in the future with 5G). 


The largest campaign involved the successful delivery of more than 800,000 alerts; the smallest, less than 500.  Today’s Location Based Solutions can deliver 10,000 alerts by SMS per second without congesting the networks.

We are enormously proud that since implementation in Australia, there has been no loss of life due to an inability of the emergency services to warn the people affected.

Australia's Location Based Solution is fully compliant with the requirements of Article 110).  

It is this hands-on knowledge and leadership that you can now rely on for success with delivering your national project.

See our "Useful News Stories" that illustrate how we can help you accelerate implementation and maximise your return on investment.

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